Who We Are

Supplying natural casings

for many styles of artisan sausage and charcuterie products, from a variety of cured salame and andouille to liverwurst and braunschweiger.
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Who We Are

We are a family-owned small business supplying high-quality natural casings for use in the production artisan, Old-World style sausages.

What We Do

We provide natural casings of the finest quality to makers of quality artisan charcuterie. We offer personal service and in-depth product expertise so that you can refine your process and create your best product. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we select casings of only the finest quality and tailor our products to meet your specifications for composition, length, and diameter.

Our History

  • 2010

    Natural Casing Company welcomes Stephen Dirtzu’s son, Elliot C. Dirtzu, aboard, marking the third generation for this family-owned business.
  • 1997

    The company's founder, Stephen Dirtzu, Sr., passes away and operations continue under his son, Stephen C. Dirtzu.
  • 1993

    Natural Casing Company ceases manufacturing operations and establishes relationships with companies in Europe and South America capable of procuring the necessary raw materials and manufacturing sewn casings according to US specifications. These relationships with these suppliers are ongoing today.
  • 1984

    Stephen C. Dirtzu joins the management team.
  • 1975

    Natural Casing Company, Inc. establishes a Peshtigo facility and consolidates an efficient, profitable, sewn casing operation there under the guidance of Stephen Dirtzu, Sr.
  • 1951

    Natural Casing Company, Inc. is founded in Hartford, Wisconsin as a subsidiary of the Patrick Cudahy Company. The focus of the operation is to supply sewn natural sausage casings.